Tuesday, 1 December 2009

What happened?

As you can see, my 40 day and 40 nights journey of self discovery is over.
I have decided not to continue with the journey itself and sadly this includes the blog also.
I will however, give you a small insight on how this decision came about.

Five days ago, I decided to go home for a while, when i say home, I am ofcourse referring to my mothers house in Buxton. My flat isn't really home. It doesn't have food in the fridge, infact I don't even own a pan anymore. It doesn't even have hot water or heating. It's more just a place I sleep and use the computer. It's basically a cheap hotel with an internet cafe then.
As i was saying, five days in Buxton.
Buxton is a very weird place. I spent 16 years of my life there and I still don't know whether I like it or not.

When I arrived on Friday night it was snowing.. I do get quite excited about snow.
I had a good 16 hours sleep that night.

Woke up late on saturday, watched a whole 2 hours worth of Come Dine With Me (which i thoroughly enjoyed!- brilliant programme) then a bit of X factor, then met my Mum for some drinks - someone had just dropped her phone in a pint(?) - then met some friends.

I was probably expecting to go out to some clubs and get a bit drunk then go home at about 3am when the last club closes and watch a repeat of Xtra factor and have some super noodles. My night didn't turn out this way though.

I won't go into too much detail. I didn't go home till 3pm the next day. I had to get a taxi literally round the corner because I had either lost my shoes or they had been stolen. I saw some people I hadn't seen for 6 years. I spent half the night and next morning and afternoon in a flat that I used to live in. I lived there for the millenium. It was really weird being in a place that I lived 10 years ago. I've lived in 19 different places in my life so to go back to somewhere was just kind of strange, I think it was a good strange though.

Anyway, I had fun, generally I was in good company.
However, I seem to communicate much better with the opposite sex.
For some reason girls don't like me at all. I think they just have really bad attitudes. I am always nice to girls. Yeah, i'm a bit of a bitch but who isn't. As long as i'm nice to your face what the hell does it matter.

No, i'm joking. I am nice though and theres no reason why people should be rude to me. I don't do anything wrong. I like to laugh, dance, sing, smoke, drink, talk and laugh some more. I'm not rude for no reason. I take people how I find them. That's the way I think people should be.

Moving swiftly on, I spent the next 2 nights recoving on my mum's sofa with family. My eyes were still wobbling till yesterday. That's how bad I was. I can't handle this hardcore partying. The guy I spent most of the night with went to th shop at 11am or something ridiculous to get more beer and blue WKD. I think I behaved quite reasonably considering how I actually felt inside.

Anyway, word travels fast in Buxton and yesterday my cousin who had seen me at the party told my uncle that I was kissing my boyfriend all night.

My uncle then decided to ask me infront of my mum about aforementioned boyfriend I was kissing all night.
I died a little inside.

I don't have a boyfriend.
I was just with a friend who I hadn't seen in a while.
We were catching up.
Ofcourse I wasn't kissing somebody all night.

Okay the latter is not strictly the whole truth, my mum could obviously tell this also.

So my 40 days and 40 nights ends here. I only kissed somebody so technically I could continue if I wanted to.. but I don't want to.

I just want to have lots of festive fun, and not waste another second of my life writing blogs.


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